2015 Shoot for the Cure

This year will be our fourth Shoot for the Cure event sponsored by the Brittany Youth Shooting Group. We sponsor this event for several reasons.

  1. Our kids are able to raise funds and awareness for a deadly disease that effects way too many of us. The funds that we raise are given to local breast cancer support organizations.
  2. This event is our largest fund raising event of the year for our local club.
  3. It is an opportunity for our organization to raise awareness and participation in a shooting sport in a fun and non-intimidating manner.

This years event will be held on Saturday, July 25th, at the Brittany Shooting Park in Bunker Hill, IL.

The event will include:

  1. Squad trap shooting. The entry fee for each squad will cover the shells and targets for two rounds of 25 clay targets to be flown from a standard trap house. The first 25 will be shot from the 16 yard line and the second 25 will be shot handicap based on the results of the first 25. Awards will be provided to the top finishers.
  2. Lunch will be provided.
  3. A silent auction will be held with many items offered from local businesses.
  4. A raffle will be held for one or more guns.

We would love to have you participate as member of a squad or as a corporate sponsor. Links to more information follows:

  1. Informational Flyer
  2. Squad Registration Form
  3. Corporate sponsorship registration
  4. Corporate sponsorship information

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